The Meaning Behind a Heart Tattoo on the Wrist


When people get a tattoo on the wrist, it can symbolize that the person wants a constant reminder of something. After all, the wrists are seen when one goes about one’s daily work and business. The heart tattoo wrist meaning is something that is even more close to the heart. A black heart is usually placed there to remember loved ones that have died in tragedies.

When a person analyses the heart tattoo wrist meaning, one should still ask the wearer of the tattoo what their intentions were in getting the symbol. Some people just choose based on design. However, most know that this black heart is regarding a special loss of someone that they want to keep close to their heart.

Also, color does matter. A black tattoo has a different heart tattoo wrist meaning than a red one. Red symbolizes virility, and that the person loves someone who is still alive. It can be very interesting to simply ask the wearer of the tattoo their personal story when it doubt.